Kate Williams

CEO, 1% For the Planet

"In punchy, engaging, and concise prose, Russ Stoddard offers both inspiration and instruction about the social enterprise movement. Bringing to bear both his considerable personal experience as well as key research and data, Stoddard manages to cover the case for, the fundamentals of, and success stories about the burgeoning field of social enterprises. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, an employee, or a consumer (yup – basically anyone), this book is for you!"

Andrei Cherny

CEO & Co-Founder, Aspiration

"Russ Stoddard is a master storyteller and in Rise Up he has used those skills to create a handbook for all those who know that the businesses that do best are those businesses that do good."

Tara Russell

President & Founder, Fathom Travel

"Someday, I hope to see social entrepreneurship taught in schools and universities broadly. Until then, Rise Up provides a digestible, practical “how-to” guide for anyone interested in dipping their toes in the waters of purpose driven business. Love how Russ shares his upbringing and the context that shaped who he is today. Whether you’re in the world of social enterprise or on the way, this read will further and improve your journey."

Ryan Honeyman

Partner at Lift Economy and author of the B Corp Handbook

"Russ Stoddard takes his experience as a B Corp and transforms it into valuable lessons for all social entrepreneurs."

Robert Egger

President, L.A. Kitchen

"Few view Boise as an outpost of innovation. But from the wind-swept, Treasure Valley comes a voice of passion, reason and profit. Russ Stoddard has been divining the “middle path” between profit and purpose for over 25 years, and in “Rise-Up” he leaves a glorious trail for those who would follow."

Sam Polk

Co-Founder & CEO, Everytable

"Social enterprise is the future. Russ Stoddard is your insightful guide. Enjoy the ride."

Masami Sato

Founder, B1G1

"Russ Stoddard brilliantly captures the essence of what it takes to create a REAL Socially Conscious Enterprise and nurture it for good. It’s a great book full of practical ideas, useful information and game-changing possibilities."

Sarah Calhoun

Owner, Red Ants Pants

"Rise Up is a brilliant reference for all of us, and its timing could not be more relevant. Stoddard lays out all the details on not just how to build a socially conscious business, but why they are so valuable in our work today. This is a top notch read for anyone who gives a damn."

Pete Gombert

Managing Director, Goodwell

"Russ has been building purpose driven, humane businesses longer than anyone I know. He embodies all that is right about business and life, and to have his collective wisdom down in print is a treasure. This book should be required reading for everyone. Employees can learn what to expect out of their employees and leaders can learn how to shape their businesses in a thoughtful and meaningful manner."

Angeli Weller

Director, Responsible Business Initiative at Boise State University

"This is a rare, pull-back-the-curtain book for social entrepreneurs. Russ shares the secrets to creating authentic social, environmental and financial impact including a myriad of practical ideas that you can implement TODAY. Want to use business as a force for good? Buy this book. You won’t be sorry."

David Baker

Principal, Resources

"From the first time I met Russ and ever since, I’ve been struck by how purposeful and transparently and honestly he lives his life. When his business pursuits because an extension, you expect…and get…the same thing. In this book, Russ engages us in the process of designing an impact on our world that gives us meaning. It’s mission in context, work in life, and value in pursuit. This is an extension of the impact that Russ has had and the readers now in his eco-system will learn deeply."